5 Frugal Steps to a Stale Room Refresh

5 Frugal Steps to a Stale Room Refresh

Have you ever looked around a room in your house and wished you could replace every piece of furniture? Have you ever avoided inviting a friend over because you just didn’t think your living room measured up? That’s how I was feeling last week. I had just written a blog post on caring about your… Read More

Wednesdays in the Word – Psalm 119:165

Psalm 119:165

Addictive Black Bean & Corn Salsa Recipe {featuring Wild Oats Marketplace}

Addictive Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Do you know how much pre-teen boys eat? My almost 12 year old is eating around the clock. I cannot imagine what the teen years will hold! I have a feeling my grocery bill is about to skyrocket! One of my goals this summer has been to encourage my family to eat healthier. I’ve been… Read More

An Excellent Wife: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

An Excellent Wife - RESPECT

Guess what we’re talking about today, ladies? Respect! I’ve been singing the old Aretha Franklin song all day, as I’ve been thinking about writing this post. Unfortunately, in light of today’s verse, Aretha has it all wrong. First, let’s take a look at Proverbs 31:23. Her husband is known in the gates when he sits… Read More

How to Look Great During a Workout without Spending a Fortune {+ Bonus Exercise Tips}

How to Look Great During a Workout without Spending a Fortune

Call me vain, but one of the things that motivates me to exercise is wearing cute workout clothes. When I dress like I’m an athlete, I feel like an athlete, even if the truth is that I’m slightly uncoordinated and out of shape. My preferred form of exercise is walking our country roads, and I… Read More

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