School Lunch on a Stick – Because Everything is Better on a Stick!

Hot dogs on a stick. Pork chops on a stick. Chocolate covered cookies and cream on a stick. These were just a few of the 50 foods available on a stick when I went to the Iowa State Fair a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes a successful school lunch is all in the presentation. This is one way I can guarantee my kids will eat their school lunches!

Why so many foods on a stick? Because everything tastes better on a stick!

Next week I will be packing lunches for the first time in several years as my kids head back to school. I decided to take a hint from the Iowa State Fair and create some school lunch…on a stick!

Addictive Dirty Grapes Recipe – The Healthy Version that Your Kids Will Love!

“Moooooom! I’m huuuuuuuungry!”

I hear that a lot. With a teen, a tween, and a preschooler at home, someone is always hungry. It’s tempting to buy a big box of Hot Pockets and let them fend for themselves, but as a mother, I feel a certain responsibility for making sure my kids eat healthy food.

What kid doesn't love grapes? This healthy version of Dirty Grapes is so easy to prepare, you can make it in 10 minutes. Great for after school snacking!

My requirements for snacks are few. They have to be somewhat healthy, easy for me to prepare, and easy for the kids to serve up themselves (I do help the youngest).

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It’s Friday night. I’m wrangling my youngest two children while watching my oldest perform in the marching band at a local high school football game. As my youngest is about to fall apart because she needs more popcorn, I get a text. It’s my husband, who is working – announcing a football game across town.

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“What’s the score?” reads the text. “And can you get me the scores from the other games?”

How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

Labor Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on me. The kids start school the week following Labor Day, so the weeks leading up to it are filled with school registrations, band camp, and soccer practice. It’s a busy time of year, and planning a complicated event is daunting.

How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

Still, I don’t like Labor Day to pass unnoticed. It marks the end of the summer, and it is the family’s last holiday before school. Perhaps you’re in the same boat.