Hey Veggie Tales Lovers – The Veggies are in the House {or They will be Soon}

When my oldest child was a toddler, our family got bit with the Veggie Tales bug. Beginning with the first VHS tape (yes, THAT long ago), Where is God When I’m Scared?, each of our children has watched Bob and Larry on a regular basis.

Veggie Tales in the House premiers this week on Netflix. I spoke to the animator and was assured the Veggies would stay true to their Christian values. I can't wait to check this out!

Your favorite vegetables are still available on DVD, of course, but this week a new Veggie Tales show will be premiering exclusively on Netflix: Veggie Tales in the House.

The Fruit of the Spirit – The Secret to Self-Control

Have you ever yelled at your kids? How about eaten a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting? Spent more than you planned to at Costco?

Self-Control is a difficult thing to master. But the Bible tells us how to do it. What's the secret? That's what we explore in our last segment of the fruit of the Spirit study.

I’ve done all of those things. Multiple times. And some of them more recently than I care to admit.

As we wrap up the Fruit of the Spirit series, we come to the last fruit – self-control. I think maybe God put this one last because this fruit is particularly difficult for most of us.

The Lord Your God Goes With You – Do You Live Like You Believe It?

On Veteran’s Day there was a homicide in the house behind ours.

On Veteran's Day God protected us from a horrific situation. It served as a good reminder that God is always with me. With you. But do we live like we believe it?The circumstances don’t matter for the purpose of this post. But for a while that day, a killer was at large in our neighborhood.

The SWAT team descended on our property, rifles drawn. Our outbuildings were searched. For hours our road was blocked off. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Affordable Outerwear for Active Families

How many of you were caught in that snowstorm last week?

Purchasing outerwear for a family of five can get expensive. I found some great deals at Walmart to get our family ready for winter.

While we didn’t get snow in Southern Oregon, the weather cooled down a lot. And I realized that my girls didn’t have jackets appropriate for the weather!

Jackets can be super-expensive, and who has extra money floating around right before the holidays? I know I don’t!