You Know Who You Are – Now What Will You Do?

Thirty one days ago I asked the question, “Who are you?” Over the last month we have carefully examined that subject. We looked at all the benefits we receive as children of God, and we ended yesterday looking at the price Jesus paid for us to receive the benefit of adoption into His family.

After spending 31 days examining our identity in Christ, we now know who we are. So now what do we do with that information? #write31days

But the story doesn’t end with Jesus’ death. Three days after being crucified, he rose from the grave and conquered sin and death once and for all! Praise God!

Organic Produce at Walmart? Yes, Please!

As a busy mom, I’m a huge fan of one-stop shopping. Since I shop at Walmart a lot, I tend to purchase a lot of my groceries there. I’ve always shied away from their produce, though, as they didn’t have much (and at times any) selection of organics.

Did you know that Walmart carries organic produce? IIt's yummy, and affordable, too!

That’s changing though! Even my Walmart store in little ol’ Southern Oregon is getting a bigger selection of Marketside organic produce!

Sippy Cups Made in the USA? Yes, Please!

Even though my kids are older, I remember the quest for the perfect sippy cup – one that wouldn’t leak, that my kids loved, and one that was safe. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

USA Kids sippy cups are BPA free, made in the USA, and are available at Walmart in packs of two for $5.47.

I don’t usually review baby products on my blog, but since I had a couple of baby showers coming up, and since I always love to promote products made in the USA, I decided to take on this newest review: sippy cups by USA kids.

You are Blessed – Knowing Your Identity in Christ

Do you remember what it was like to experience Christmas as a child? The lights! The food! The presents! There were always so many presents!

God lavishes his gifts on his children! Do you realize how blessed you are?

I remember being so excited, I couldn’t sleep. What great gifts would my family give me? And then when we opened our presents, I wouldn’t want to sleep, because I was too busy enjoying my new things!