Review: Yonanas!

Yonanas Review

As summer quickly approaches, the kids begin asking for ice cream. Frequently. What kid doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day? But what mom wants their kids eating all that sugar day after day? Not me! I’d much rather my kids snack on fruit during the summer. Apparently, there’s a compromise. I was offered… Read More

Wednesdays in the Word – 1 Peter 1:3

1 Peter 1:3

We Interrupt This Programming….

Life is not Pinterestingly Perfect

If you have ever been tempted to think that I am one of those Pinterestingly perfect bloggers who has it all together, this post will totally change your opinion of me. And that’s OK. My posting plans for today yesterday included kicking off my Blogging Through Proverbs 31 series (you know…the one that was supposed to… Read More

How to Make a Sand Bucket Easter Basket

How to Make a Sand Bucket Easter Basket

I do not have gentle kids. They are a rough and tumble bunch, and they’re proud of it! Most of the time, I’m OK with their exuberant play. Sometimes, however, it’s a detriment to…well, things. Things like those fragile Easter baskets you see in stores. I can’t tell you how many of those beautiful Easter… Read More

Wednesdays in the Word: Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 40:31

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