Review: Yonanas!

Yonanas Review

As summer quickly approaches, the kids begin asking for ice cream. Frequently. What kid doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day? But what mom wants their kids eating all that sugar day after day? Not me! I’d much rather my kids snack on fruit during the summer. Apparently, there’s a compromise. I was offered… Read More

ScentSationals Edison Wax Warmer Review

ScentSationals Edison Wax Warmer Review

I’ll admit I get a little nervous when I invite people over. You see, we own a dog and two cats, all of which spend a lot of time indoors. I don’t notice any pet-like scents in our house, but I’m sure I’m used to the way my animals smell. I often wonder if visitors… Read More – A Cool Site to Help Kids Learn the Bible Review

When I agreed to review a website that promises to help kids ages 8-12 learn the Bible, little did I know that I, a full grown adult (though sometimes my maturity is questionable), would become quite fond of playing kid games. Yet that’s what happened when I checked out Not only did I end… Read More

Meaningful Easter Basket Ideas for Teens {Plus a Giveaway}

Meaningful Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

If you missed my meaningful Easter basket ideas for tweens, you’re going to want to check out that post (there’s a giveaway!). Continuing with the Easter basket ideas, here’s the Teen version. Zonderkids sent me a few books to review as potential Easter gifts for teens, and I have to say, I liked their selections!… Read More

Meaningful Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens {Plus a Giveaway}

Meaningful Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens

I struggled with the idea of Easter baskets for a long time. After all, Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity, and I didn’t want the focus of the holiday to be on “What did the Easter bunny bring me?” On the other hand, I love giving my kids gifts, and Easter is certainly… Read More

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