He Likes Them! Disney Vitamins

Disney Vitamin Review

My 10 year old son has a very, um….discriminating palate. Finding foods that he will eat without a fight is a challenge. Finding vitamins he likes is even more challenging. For the last year we have been using a generic children’s vitamin. You know the kind. The hard, fruity flavored ones. I always liked them… Read More

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Johnson & Johnson


I have used Johnson & Johnson bath products with all three of my children. It’s funny how just buying that first bottle of Aveeno baby wash when Boo moved in with us brought back memories of my older kids when they were small. This month, Johnson & Johnson wants to celebrate moms with a special… Read More

Making Myself Beautiful with Flower Cosmetics

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Ladies, do you remember playing with your mom’s makeup as a child? I do, and now I have the pleasure of seeing my two year old sneak into my makeup, trying to be a grown-up by applying vast amounts of blush and lipstick. I’ll admit that some days I still like to play with makeup…. Read More

My Listerine 21 Day Challenge Draws to a Close


Almost a month ago I agreed to take the Listerine 21 Day Challenge to brush, floss, and rinse my mouth daily (actually, 2x daily for the brushing and flossing). I did this for two reasons. First, I’m diabetic, and it’s important for diabetics to keep their mouths healthy. And second, for every person who signs… Read More

Review: Pampers Cruisers


Boo is two and a half years old, and I was really hoping she’d be potty trained by now. We’re off to a good start. She knows what to do, but she just doesn’t have time to mess with the potty. So she’s still in diapers. Up until now I’ve always used Pampers Baby Dry… Read More

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