Review: The Classical Historian

The Classical Historian Review

When I was in high school, I thought history was really dull. We read boring textbooks and memorized lots and lots of dates. Then we took some multiple choice tests, and though I did very well on the tests, I’ll admit that as an adult, I’m very weak in history. Yet history intrigues me. How… Read More

Tapestry of Grace: Beyond the Four Week Fog

It’s been about three months since we switched history programs and began using Tapestry of Grace. I wish I could say the switch went smoothly, but it didn’t. We experienced the “four week fog,” where we really felt like we didn’t know what we were doing. Only for us, it was more like an eight… Read More

TOS Review: Salem Ridge Press


I love to read. I have always loved to read. Unfortunately my children have not yet caught my extreme love of reading, but I’m working on it. One of my biggest concerns, especially when it comes to reading material for Stargirl, is finding age appropriate, yet interesting, reading material. I want her to love reading,… Read More

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