Review: LeapFrog Paper Based Learning Products

LeapFrog Flashcard Fun

This is the first year I will be homeschooling three kids and the very first time I will homeschool preschool. I’m not a big believer in the necessity of a formal preschool curriculum, but I have a three year old who is begging to “do school,” so I need to come up with something that… Read More

Review: FamilyMint Money Management Certification Program


As a former personal finance blogger and someone who took on a fair amount of debt in college, I have always insisted that my children know how to manage their money before they graduate from high school. I do not want them to make the same mistakes I did. When I was offered the opportunity… Read More

Review & Giveaway: Carlito C. Caterpillar MathHouse Game Card Set


I’m always looking for fun ways to teach subjects my kids consider boring. Math is one of those subjects. When my older two children were smaller, I wish I would have introduced math skills in a fun way. Instead, I left it to the public school system. I’m going to do things differently with my… Read More

TOS Review: Mad Dog Math


Math facts. It seems kids can never get enough practice when learning math facts. The difficult thing is making math drills fun, so kids don’t complain about doing them. Bug has been working hard on his addition and subtraction facts. He hates flashcards, so i was happy to review Mad Dog Math Practice Drill Software,… Read More

TOS Revew: Virtual Nerd


A frequent question I hear from homeschooling parents is, “What happens when my child starts doing work I don’t know how to explain?” I’ll admit that’s one of my fears, too, though we aren’t there yet. Do I actually remember enough Algebra 2 to teach it? I got good grades in high school, but I’m… Read More

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