Cool Headphones for the Homeschool

Monster N-Tune Headphones

Stuck for a last minute Christmas gift? My family recently had the opportunity to test out some headphones that are meant for music listening and gaming, but actually work really well in our homeschool! Monster N-Tune Headphones in Candy Colors Monster NCredible N-Tune Headphones are on-ear headphones featuring a passive noise isolation design, which helps… Read More

Review: KidCoder Visual Basics Computer & Game Programming Curriculum

KidCoder Computer Programming

One of the requirements we have to meet for homeschooling through a charter school is teaching technology. Now, I know my way around the computer a little bit, but I’m almost completely self-taught. And my children don’t think the same way I do. I don’t feel that teaching technology is something I can just “wing.”… Read More

Review: Saving Memories Forever

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 10.07.39 AM

One of my most treasured possessions is an old cassette tape. That might seem like a strange thing to hold dear, but on that cassette tape is a series of interviews I did with three of my four grandparents about living on a farm during the Great Depression. My grandparents have since passed away, and… Read More

Review: Sony Wearable Walkman MP3 Player


It’s January, which means it’s the season to exercise and get in shape! I know that’s a huge focus for me this year, especially as I need to manage my diabetes. I’ve got some lofty goals as to where I want my next a1c (3 month blood sugar) reading to be, and exercise is going… Read More

You Can Be on the Cover of NCAA Football 13 for Xbox 360 or PS3!


Every once in a while I decide to take a blogging opportunity that I know someone in my family will love. This is one of those opportunities. Walmart and EA Sports gave me the chance to try out the new NCAA Football 13 game for the XBox 360, as well as the You’re Covered Facebook… Read More

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