Fun Family Games for New Year’s Eve


We have a little tradition at our house. Until our kids are old enough to attend our church’s youth New Year’s Eve party, they stay home with Sportsguy and I, and we celebrate New Year’s as a family. We’re not fond of going out on New Year’s Eve for many reasons, the top two being… Read More

Increase Critical Thinking Skills with Typecrush

Typecrush Example

One of the things I love to do in our homeschool is play games. Not just any games, though. My two requirements of games used during school hours are 1) they have to be educational, and 2) they have to be fun. As part of the Mosaic Reviews team, I was able to review the… Read More

New Crayola Products for Back to School


Back to school is one of my favorite times of year. I am a school supply junkie. I’ll admit it. And when I hear about fun new products? I love to give them a try! Crayola has come out with some fun new products this year, and I had the privilege of giving them a… Read More

XBox Fun: Kinect Rush: Disney-Pixar Adventures


My kids all love Pixar movies! Bug fell in love with Cars when he was a toddler. Toy Story 3 is a favorite with 1 year old Boo, and the entire family adores the movie Up. There’s a new Xbox Kinect game out that builds on the popularity of Disney Pixar films. Microsoft Kinect Rush:… Read More

Review: Skywalker Bounce and Learn Color Wheel Trampoline


Trampolines. Either you love them or you hate them, and I happen to love them! We bought a big outdoor trampoline for the older kids at the beginning of the summer, and the kids jump on it almost every day. Unfortunately, our youngest is also fascinated with the trampoline. Since she’s just a toddler, she’s… Read More

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