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Christmas Break – Five of my Favorite Christmas Movies

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We are finally on Christmas break! I have no idea how active I will be on this blog for the next couple of weeks, as I will be spending much needed time relaxing with my family.

In the next couple of days, I plan to do much cooking, cleaning, and Christmas movie watching. We’re pulling out all our favorites in anticipation of a Christmas movie marathon over the next couple of days. Here are five of the movies we’ll most certainly be watching.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Who doesn’t love the Snoopy gang? And the storyline is right on. In a world where commercialism battles the true meaning of Christmas, Christ wins. The highlight of the movie, of course, is Linus reciting the Christmas story straight from Luke 2.

We’ve already watched A Charlie Brown Christmas a couple of times this year, but I’m sure we’ll be watching it a few more times before Wednesday.

2. The Polar Express

The Polar Express is another fun movie our entire family enjoys. Boo enjoys it, because it’s animated. The rest of us enjoy it, because it’s wonderfully made, and we love Tom Hanks in just about anything. The music is catchy, and this classic story just puts us in a Christmasy kind of mood.

We’ve watched this one so often, we practically have it memorized.

3. Elf

Ah, Buddy the Elf. So crazy, yet so lovable. His zany antics are a huge hit with the older kids. Syrup on spaghetti? Yes, the kids think it’s hysterical. I’m sure I’m not the only adult who wishes I could be a little bit like Buddy at times. Who am I kidding? My kids would say I can be a lot like Buddy.

In addition to the comedy factor, Elf actually teaches a pretty good lesson: it’s important to take a break from the mundane to enjoy a little fun with the family…which is exactly what I’ll be doing this week.

4. The Christmas Shoes

I’ll admit that this is a movie only Stargirl and I watch, but it is tradition for us to watch it together every year. Rob Lowe is convincing as a workaholic father who is frequently absent from family activities. Kimberly Williams plays the terminally ill mom who only wants a little more time with her family. And Max Morrow does an admirable job playing young Nathan, who wants more than anything to buy his mom the perfect Christmas shoes for the day she meets Jesus.

Yes, it’s sappy. I cry every time I watch The Christmas Shoes, and I’m not much of a crier. But we love it, and we watch it every year.

5. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story has become our family’s Christmas Eve tradition. Every year we come home from church, eat dinner, get into our new Christmas pajamas and watch A Christmas Story as a family. I admit, it’s a little strange going from church to A Christmas Story, but i guess our family is a little strange like that.

Ralphie is just so endearing, despite his penchant for getting into trouble. And no matter what goes wrong with our Christmas – whether it’s a gift that doesn’t make it here in time, a side dish that doesn’t get on the dinner table, or being ill on Christmas Day – it’s never as bad as having to wear a pink bunny suit from Aunt Clara. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You’ll just have to watch the movie.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? I’m always looking for more to add to our list.

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  1. Stephanie H says:

    Our favorites are Charlie Brown, A Christmas Carol (both the George C. Scott & Patrick Stewart versions), and Rudolph. And every year on Christmas Eve, we leave church, go around & look at Christmas lights on the way home, then have hot chocolate while watching The Nutcracker. :)

    • I love Rudolph! And I haven’t seen A Christmas Carol in a long time. I like the Nutcracker a lot, but I suspect my guys wouldn’t want to watch it. Perhaps I’ll just have to take the girls to a live performance next year.

  2. Mr. Freelancehomeschoolmom says:

    A co-worker also reminded me today about a favorite of mine “Family Man” with Nic Cage.

    • Your name is Sportsguy. ;) And yes, Family Man is a great movie! We’ll have to pull that one out, too.

  3. Joyeux Noel is by far my favorite Christmas movie, although Elf and Christmas Story are also really good ones.

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