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Easter Egg Coloring Kits for All Ages

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It’s hard to believe Easter is just one week away! One of our annual traditions is coloring Easter Eggs for our Easter Egg hunt. With so many egg coloring kits on the market, it’s hard to know which ones work and which don’t.

I went to Walmart and picked up three Easter egg coloring kits for three different age groups. I had high hopes for all the kits, and I was somewhat surprised at what worked and what didn’t.

Spin an Egg – For the Preschool Crowd

Spin an Egg caught my eye, because it looked like a child’s toy. You know, the kind that you push the button on the top and make the toy spin. And that’s essentially how it works.

The kit promises no mess, but also warns parents to be careful, as this is a dye process. Included in the kit are 5 dye packets, the egg spinner, and a handy chart (on the box), telling you which color combinations work.

How it works: Insert a room temperature hard boiled egg into the egg spinner and add about eight drops of dye to the egg. Place the top on the spinner and pump the top to spin the egg around. When you’re finished, remove the egg to dry.

My opinion: This was a nifty way to dye eggs. I liked that I didn’t have to mix the dye, and it really was a mess free process, until I had to remove the egg from the spinner. The eggs will not be completely covered in color when they’re finished, but I liked the marbled look the egg spinner produced. It was especially effective when we used more than one dye color.

At $5.00, the Spin an Egg kit is a little bit expensive, but it’s certainly unique.

Paas Mini Monsters – For the School Aged Boy

I usually like Paas kits, and they’re the company I count on year after year. When I saw the Mini Monster kit, I knew my boy would love it!

Like most Easter Egg dying kits, you mix water and vinegar and add a color tablet. Make sure you use warm water to dissolve the tablet more quickly. The package didn’t specify this, and I used cold water. It took a long time for the tablet to dissolve.

How it works: Using cool hard boiled eggs, drop them into the dye mixture and let them soak for a while. We soaked the eggs for about 5 minutes, which produced some vibrant colors. Let the dyed eggs dry and add eye and mouth stickers. You can also add pipe cleaner eyebrows and wild hair, using the included glue.

My opinion: Mini Monster eggs are a great concept, especially for boys, but in reality the kit did’t work so well. As usual, the Paas dye was wonderful, producing bright colors. However, the stickers didn’t stick very well, and the glue was almost worthless. We couldn’t get the pipe cleaners to stick at all, and the hair was barely hanging on. That’s unfortunate, because our monsters turned out pretty cute, don’t you think?

Like most Easter Egg dying kits at Walmart, Pass Mini Monsters is priced at $1.97.

Glitter Eggs – For the Teen Age Girly Girl

When I saw Easter Unlimited’s Glitter Eggs on the shelf, I thought immediately of my daughter. As a new teenager, she’s not willing to admit she still likes coloring Easter Eggs, but I knew the glitter would entice her to try.

This is another kit where you mix dye tablets with warm water and vinegar. Unlike the above Paas kit, the Glitter Eggs package specified warm water, and the tablets dissolved quickly.

How it works: Using warm hard boiled eggs, drop the eggs into the dye mixture and leave them for about 5 minutes for the best color. After the colored eggs dry, mix up the Magic Glitter Stickem, drop the eggs in, pull them out, and drop them in the Glitter Shaker, which contains the Magic Glitter. Shake the glitter over the egg and remove to dry.

My opinion: The dye produced nicely colored eggs, and the Stickem and glitter were easy to apply. I think using a ziplock bag for the glitter might be easier than using the Glitter Shaker, which is basically a cardboard tube with a baggie inserted into the center.

The eggs turned out great, the kit was easy to use, and the glitter stuck to the eggs as promised. Out of all the kits we tried, this was the one that came through the best. It’s priced at $1.97.

Have you tried any Easter Egg coloring kits that you love? I’d like to hear about it!

*Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. This post is sponsored by Walmart. Walmart has provided me with product and compensation in exchange for my time and efforts in creating this post. My participation is voluntary. As always my opinion is my own.

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