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Easy & Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

Easy Christmas Centerpiece

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to bring on the Christmas parties! And no Christmas dinner party is complete without a great table centerpiece!

I was inspired to make this centerpiece when I was in Arkansas with the Walmart Moms. Max Wilker, Creative Manager for Better Homes and Gardens, showed us how to put together an easy Christmas centerpiece, using inexpensive materials from Walmart.

What drew me to this centerpiece was that it is so easy to make! It takes all of 10 minutes. Seriously.

Christmas Centerpiece Supplies

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

This centerpiece is so customizable, you can really use a lot of different materials. This is what I used, to give you a little inspiration.

Tip: if you will be using this centerpiece around food, make sure you opt for unscented candles. You don’t want the lovely scent of your food to compete with the candles.

Assembling the Christmas Centerpiece

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Craft

Fluff out the wreath and place it on the table. Arrange the candleholders in the center of the wreath and place the candles on top.

Clip the pinecone and poinsettia ornaments on to the wreath. Add decorative picks to fill out the centerpiece.

That’s it! It couldn’t be any easier.

The thing I love about this centerpiece is that nothing is glued or permanently attached to the wreath. I can use the candles and candleholders throughout the year, and if I want a different look next year, I can clip the ornaments to my tree and decorate the wreath with other materials.

You can really change this up to suite your taste. If you decorate in silver and blue, use silver and blue ornaments. Or you could use burlap ribbon for a more rustic look. Whatever your decor, you can make this work. And it’s really inexpensive, considering the most expensive pieces (the candleholders) can be used throughout the year! That’s a win!


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