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Friday Links: New Project Edition

I love Pinterest. Have I told you that before? I’m sure I have.

While I was playing around on: Pinterest this week, I found one of these:

Lynnae's Child Training Bible.jpg

It’s called the Child Training Bible, and it’s brilliant! Mindy, a homeschooling mother of four, was looking for a way to teach her children to turn to the Bible when they have issues that need to be addressed (both good and bad). She came up with the concept of the Child Training Bible. Basically, she bookmarked and color coded passages that address different issues children deal with. She made a unique little index, and the Child Training Bible was born.

I was so impressed, I bought the supplies to make my own CTB (pictured above)! And even though it’s called a Child Training Bible, I think it’s really appropriate for all ages.

In other news, due to my new way of eating, I’m down another few pounds this week, for a total weight loss of 6 pounds in two weeks. That makes me a happy camper!

The Roundup – Favorite Reads of the Week

I know many homeschooling moms who are looking for ways to increase the family income. One way is to become a tutor. Linsey at 1099 Mom explains how you can become a freelance tutor.

Though homeschooling is not for every child, there are distinct advantages to homeschooling. Kelly tells us what these advantages are at Growing Home.

Want to know how to be a bad parent (in a good way)? Read this post on making memories with your kids at Earth Monkey Moms.

Have you heard of the “Am I Ugly?” YouTube trend? If not, in a nutshell, young girls are posting YouTube videos of themselves, asking the question, “Am I Ugly?” It’s a disturbing trend, and Shaunti at Mom Life Today addresses things we need to impress on our daughters to teach them they are beautiful as Godly young women.

Enjoy your reading and have a great weekend!

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