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How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

Labor Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on me. The kids start school the week following Labor Day, so the weeks leading up to it are filled with school registrations, band camp, and soccer practice. It’s a busy time of year, and planning a complicated event is daunting.

How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

Still, I don’t like Labor Day to pass unnoticed. It marks the end of the summer, and it is the family’s last holiday before school. Perhaps you’re in the same boat.

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a family picnic? And the beauty of a family picnic is that it needn’t be expensive nor complicated.

How to Plan an Easy Labor Day Picnic

A great picnic really consists of just three things: good food, good company, and good entertainment. Since family provides the company, and something as simple as a soccer ball can provide the entertainment, let’s focus on some easy food.

Easy Picnic Food

When it comes to things like last minute picnic prep, I’m less about nutrition and more about happy family memories. You can easily pick up lunch from Walmart for under $15. A package of fried chicken from the deli ($6.98), a bag of Lay’s potato chips ($3.48), and some grapes ($2.88) make an easy meal. I also like a little dessert, so I keep a tub of Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough on hand ($4.96). That brings the price for lunch up to around $18 – still less than a fast food meal for a family of 5.

To prepare for the picnic, bake the cookies (15 minutes) and pack the food, some water, and a blanket in a simple bin. Don’t forget the paper plates and napkins! No picnic basket is required! If you don’t have a bin, I love this one, also from Walmart. It’s $12.44 online, but I found it for $10 in store.

Easy Labor Day Picnic

On the way out the door, grab a soccer ball or a frisbee and head to a local park.

Three hours later, your bellies will be full, your kids will be happy (and tired!), and you will have created a family memory to last a lifetime.

Picnic Fun

Don’t let a lack of time or money prevent you from celebrating Labor Day in a special way. Throw together a quick family picnic and just enjoy your family before the crazy school schedule takes over your lives.

Picnic Fun

Question: What are your plans for Labor Day?

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