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Quick and Easy Painted Burlap Christmas Gift

Painted Burlap Gift

Crafting isn’t something that gets done often at my house. For one thing, my three year old has a tendency to run off with craft supplies, especially if they’re left out for a long time. So the crafts I do have to be quick and easy, and I have to be able to clean them up in a jiffy.

That’s why I absolutely love this painted canvas. It took me under an hour to make (including clean-up), and it looks fabulous as a Christmas decoration or a unique gift.

To make this painted burlap canvas, I picked up the following supplies, all readily available at Walmart.

  • Burlap Canvas (I used the 10″x10″ size)
  • Letter stencils
  • Border stencils (I used Plaid brand pattern 30501)
  • Folk Art acrylic paint in Cardinal Red and Old Ivy
  • A sponge for applying paint
  • Tape
  • A ruler, if you’re one of those precise people.

Painted Burlap Stencil

Before I began painting, I arranged the letter stencils on the canvas, so they were evenly spaced. To prevent them from moving around, I taped them down using regular scotch tape. Any tape will do, though. I even used Duck Tape once on a previous project.

Once the letter stencils were taped in place, I gently sponged on some Cardinal Red Paint. I waited a few minutes and removed the stencils. I waited another 10 minutes for the paint to dry.

Painting Burlap Squares

When the letters were dry, I placed the border stencil above the word JOY, measuring with a regular ruler to make sure I centered it above the letters. Again, I taped the stencil in place, so it wouldn’t move while I was painting. I gently sponged on some green paint, followed by red paint for the dots. And no, I didn’t wait for the paint to dry between applying different colors of paint! I’m impatient like that.

Painted Burlap Square

I peeled off the stencil, and since it was plastic, I just rinsed it off, dried it, and repeated the process for the bottom border.

I removed the stencil, let the burlap dry, and hung my masterpiece on the wall. Making this painted burlap canvas was so easy, I may make a few more for gifts! And I may try Denise Sawyer’s design next. She made a really cute snowman print! Painted burlap just looks so homey and festive at the same time, don’t you think? I could decorate my entire house in burlap!


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  1. Sorry to nitpick – but it is duct tape not “DUCK tape”

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