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Sorting Laundry Made Easy

Sorting Laundry Made Easy

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Laundry. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? With a family of five, it seems we’re never caught up on laundry.

I’ve tried various systems over the years to make laundry easier – hampers in each bedroom, making the kids responsible for their own laundry, making everyone throw their laundry in a hamper in the bathroom – and none have been totally effective.

Sorting Laundry Made Easy

My latest attempt at streamlining our laundry process was not sorting the clothes. That was a big mistake. I’ve ruined more white tank tops in a load of dark clothing than I care to count. Foregoing laundry sorting saves time, but it costs money!

I had laundry on my brain while I was shopping at Walmart the other day, and I came across these really cute and sturdy looking Mainstays laundry hampers ($9.97). They’re canvas with removable liners and look to hold about two loads of laundry.

Mainstays Canvas Laundry Basket

And there, in the hamper aisle of Walmart, a brilliant thought hit me.

I grabbed three of the hampers and headed for the craft aisle, where I found these bags of adhesive burlap letters. I threw a bag in my cart, finished my shopping, and headed home.

Burlap Letters

Sorting Laundry Made Easy

I’d rather not sort the laundry, so why not have my kids do it? The key to getting kids to do things consistently is to make it easy for even the youngest child.

Painting Burlap Letters

I pulled a “W” (for whites), a “B” (for brights), and a “D” (for darks) out of the bag of burlap letters. Using acrylic paint that I had on hand, I painted the “W” white, the “B” a bright green, and the “D” black, using a sponge. Hint: if you don’t have acrylic paint at home, you can buy that at Walmart in the craft aisle, too. It’s about 50 cents a bottle.

Painted Burlap Letters

After about 10 minutes, the paint was dry, and I adhered one letter to each hamper. They didn’t stick as well as I liked, so I grabbed some Liquid Stitch I had on hand from the time I made a no sew owl costume. That did the trick. Those letters aren’t going anywhere!

Now when the older kids put away their dirty laundry, they know that white clothes go in the “W” bin, brights in the “B” bin, and darks in the “D” bin.

Laundry Basket with Burlap Letters

My four year old doesn’t quite get the concept of¬†bright versus dark, so the colors of the letters will help her decide what is bright and what is dark. I expect some mistakes, but for the most part, the laundry will be sorted well.

All three hampers are now lined up in the bathroom, and hopefully my laundry sorting days are behind me!

Question: What is your biggest laundry challenge? Maybe I’ll try to fix that problem next!

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  • Julieanne

    I wasn’t taught to sort laundry, so never did in my single years, but for some reason, when I got married, I bought a second laundry basket so we would automatically sort our whites from darks each evening. When the girls came along, we put two tall, skinny plastic kitchen trash cans in their closet, one for whites and one for darks. So sorting clothes is all they know! It sure makes it easy for us to all see when it’s time to do another load of whites or darks. :)