Camping at Bullard’s Beach State Park


Over Memorial Day weekend we gathered up our family and our close friends and headed to the beach for some camping and family bonding time. Despite the ominous forecast of rain, we wanted to unplug from the electronics and busyness of everyday life. We braved the rainy weather and headed to Bullard’s Beach State Park… Read More

Camping Misadventures of a City Family – Part 3


When we left our family, Chloe the Wonder Mutt had escaped the tent. Was she gone forever? Did she come back? Read on to find out! After looking around the tent in the low light of the early morning and not seeing Chloe the Wonder Mutt, I started to panic. You see, Chloe is not… Read More

Camping Misadventures of a City Family – Part 2

When we last left our family, the toddler had just puked after the first day of camping. Will things get better? Or will they get worse? After the puking incident, we decided to call it a night. The older kids were camping with their friends in another camping space, so we got baby Boo ready… Read More

Camping Misadventures of a City Family

Perhaps we weren’t meant to be a camping family. Growing up, my family never went camping. I remember camping with my neighbors once, but that’s it. I always wondered why we never camped. I’m beginning to understand. Last weekend we decided to go camping with some friends. We packed up and headed off to Harris… Read More

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