Curriculum Lineup – 10th Grade

10th Grade Curriculum Lineup

Last year we survived our first year of high school, and we’re getting ready to take on another year. I had the best of intentions with the My Father’s World curriculum we were going to use last year, but midway through the year it became evident that my 15 year old daughter learns best with… Read More

Curriculum Lineup – 5th Grade

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The school year is about to begin, and I have finally settled on curriculum for all of my children. This year I will be formally schooling a 10th grader and a 5th grader, and I will be informally schooling a 3 year old preschooler. I always love seeing what curriculum other homeschooling families are using,… Read More

Review: We Choose Virtues Character Training Curriculum


Two years ago, I was reading a homeschool message board when I came across what I thought was a brilliant product: We Choose Virtues Character Training Curriculum. It looked simple. It looked fun. It looked easy to teach. I bought a couple of the products and fell in love. Fast forward to now, and as… Read More

Homeschooling, The Christian, & The Common Core Standards


In the last couple of weeks it seems the internet has exploded with homeschoolers up in arms about the Common Core Standards. I have spent the last two days pouring over blog posts, Facebook statuses, and websites, all claiming to be the authority on the Common Core. These are some of the sentiments I’ve read… Read More

Tapestry of Grace: Beyond the Four Week Fog

It’s been about three months since we switched history programs and began using Tapestry of Grace. I wish I could say the switch went smoothly, but it didn’t. We experienced the “four week fog,” where we really felt like we didn’t know what we were doing. Only for us, it was more like an eight… Read More

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