How to Make a Sand Bucket Easter Basket

How to Make a Sand Bucket Easter Basket

I do not have gentle kids. They are a rough and tumble bunch, and they’re proud of it! Most of the time, I’m OK with their exuberant play. Sometimes, however, it’s a detriment to…well, things. Things like those fragile Easter baskets you see in stores. I can’t tell you how many of those beautiful Easter… Read More

How to Make an Easter Wreath out of Coffee Filters

How to Make an Easter Wreath out of Coffee Filters

I am so excited! Easter is just around the corner, and the weather is looking more and more like spring every day! It’s time to put away the dark colors of winter and accessorize the house in the light and bright colors of spring! I’ve developed a new love of wreaths over the last year,… Read More

Easy Colored Rice St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

Colored Rice St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece

I love to celebrate holidays with my family! Doing something special for a holiday, even if it’s a small thing, can make the day a little brighter and create family memories that will last a lifetime. I try to keep my holiday plans on the frugal side, as I don’t believe you need to spend… Read More

DIY Mini-Clothespin Valentines {Free Printable}

DIY Mini-Clothespin Valentines Finished

Every year our local chapter of Joni and Friends sends out a call for valentines to bless local families who are affected by disabilities. We love to participate, as it’s a way to bless other families for Valentine’s Day. Rather than purchasing pre-made valentines this year, I wanted to do something creative. I headed to… Read More

Easy & Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Craft

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to bring on the Christmas parties! And no Christmas dinner party is complete without a great table centerpiece! I was inspired to make this centerpiece when I was in Arkansas with the Walmart Moms. Max Wilker, Creative Manager for Better Homes and Gardens, showed us how to… Read More

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