Review: – A Search Engine for Education


One thing you have to be when you’re a homeschool teacher is resourceful. Though I’m a college graduate, and I got good grades, there are a lot of things a woman forgets in 20 years. Now that my oldest is in high school, sometimes I need a little assistance teaching things like algebra and biology…. Read More

When Do You Send a Child Back to Regular School?


The title of this post may seem like a strange one, for a homeschooling blog. But it’s something that’s been weighing on my mind lately. My middle child, Bug, is a mystery to me. While Stargirl has thrived in a homeschooling environment, things haven’t gone quite as well for Bug. Let me back up a… Read More

It’s Fire Prevention Week! A Post in Pictures.


Did you know that this week is Fire Prevention Week? To celebrate, one of our local fire stations hosted an open house on Saturday. The weather was perfect, so we grabbed our closest friends and headed over to the station to see what was happening. I figured we’d take a quick station tour and be… Read More

Field Trip Extravaganza!


One of the things I absolutely love about homeschooling is the ability to get out in the world and experience it, rather than learning everything from the confines of a classroom. Up until this year, though I didn’t mindfully carve time in my schedule for field trips. This year I’ve determined things will be different,… Read More

Take Good Care of Your Teeth! – An Experiment


One of the things I love about homeschooling is the ability to take the time to do lots of hands on experiments. To make sure we hit the state standards, we need to include “health” as a subject. Now, I don’t have a set curriculum for health, so we try to hit various health topics… Read More

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