Fighting Hunger With BackPack Programs

When my son was in a public school kindergarten class, I used to volunteer one morning a week. Frequently I would see kids coming into class hungry and unable to focus. Fortunately Bug’s school had a grant which helped provide every child in the school breakfast every morning. I often wondered, though, what happened to… Read More

Fighting Hunger in the United States – A Teen Takes the Challenge


Last week I told you about Stargirl’s upcoming bake sale to fight childhood hunger in the United States. How did it go? I’ll let her tell you in her own words, but I think it went pretty well for a two hour bake sale! Even though Stargirl’s bake sale is over, you can still help… Read More

Fighting Hunger – Just One Person CAN Make a Difference


One of the values I want to instill in our children before they leave home is the importance of looking outside themselves and finding ways to serve others in the community. This week Stargirl has been learning that very lesson as she completes a community service project for her American Heritage Girls Troop. To move… Read More

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