Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Chocolate Lover


I remember the days when I loved receiving chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift. Those days are no more, but even though I can’t have chocolate anymore, chocolate is still a popular gift for other people. My family was recently sent three different chocolate gifts to sample. And sample we did! Well, not we, but… Read More

Valentine Gifts Under $10 at Walmart


I love to imagine that I’m the creative type of person who can lovingly hand make a Valentine’s Day gift that will be treasured forever. Then reality comes crashing down on me, and I realize that is not who I am. I admire all the crafty types out there, but I’m more of the technologically… Read More

Gifts Homeschoolers Love: Craft Kits!


I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of electronic gadgets as gifts for elementary age children. It seems that kids get sucked into video games, online gaming, and tv watching. And once they’re sucked in, it’s hard for them to return to a place where they can rely on their own… Read More

Gifts/Stocking Stuffers Under $10 at Walmart


Now that Christmas season is in full swing, I always like to have small gifts on hand for those last minute gift-giving opportunities. You know, a friend of your child unexpectedly gives them a gift, and you need to quickly come up with something in return. Or a co-worker gives you a little something, and… Read More

Hot Toys for School Aged Boys


Believe it or not, my kids are incredibly difficult to shop for. Neither are the type to write super-long Christmas lists. And that’s a great thing! They aren’t materialistic! But I sometimes have a hard time thinking of great ideas for Christmas and birthday presents. This year I was challenged by Walmart to test out… Read More

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