A Year of Living Intentionally

2014 Goals

I always set lofty goals for myself. I love the process of goal setting, and every New Year I’m tempted to set a series of goals for health, work, homeschool, and Bible reading. The list is long, and I often start out with good intentions. But the list is too big for me to tackle… Read More

Homeschooling High School: Setting Goals


An important part of planning for homeschooling high school is setting goals. As Stargirl enters her high school years, we’ve been discussing goals that we will use to plan her high school course of study. As we set these goals, I’ve been giving her a little more freedom to make her own decisions, while under… Read More

2012 – A Fresh Start


I love New Years. It always feels like a fresh start. A time to put the shortcomings of the previous year aside and begin with a clean slate. It’s probably the idealist in me that loves New Year so much. I always begin the New Year by setting goals. Big goals, small goals. It doesn’t… Read More

Goals Update: 2/13/2011

I missed my update last week. I was sick and completely forgot to do it! But I’m back on track now, at least with my updates. I can’t say the same about my goals. I’m still trying to plug away, though. Eat More Whole Foods: I’m still doing well on my January goals. I haven’t… Read More

Goals Update: 1/22/2011

I can’t believe we’re already three weeks into 2011! This year is already flying, and it’s only just begun! Once again I’m doing pretty well with my goals this week. I’m going to have to come up with some new food goals for February, though. I think I may try to add more fruits and… Read More

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