How I Schedule Our Homeschool Courses

Schedule on Cozi Calendar

This is my fifth year homeschooling and our third year homeschooling through a charter school. After much trial and error, I have finally come up with a scheduling system that works for me. If you’re struggling with a schedule, perhaps it will work for you, too! How to Schedule Homeschool Curriculum for the Year I’m… Read More

How to Plan for a Successful Homeschool Year

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The first year I homeschooled, I used Sonlight curriculum with it’s handy-dandy built in schedule. What I found is that I really loved the schedule, but I didn’t really love a boxed curriculum. Over the next few years I struggled to find a curriculum/schedule combination that worked. What I came up with is a scheduling… Read More

So You Want to Homeschool: Reasons for Homeschooling


It’s official. We made the decision to bring Bug home to homeschool next year. A lot went into our decision, including the consideration of Bug’s feelings (he wanted to come home). Homeschooling is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. As you consider your decision whether or not to homeschool your kids,… Read More

Balancing the Needs of Multi Aged Students in the Homeschool


Last week I mentioned we were thinking about bringing Bug home next year for homeschooling. As my husband and I have discussed this decision, we’ve been revisiting the reasons we put him in school in the first place. One big reason is that I had a hard time balancing his grade school needs with the… Read More

Homeschooling High School: Setting Goals


An important part of planning for homeschooling high school is setting goals. As Stargirl enters her high school years, we’ve been discussing goals that we will use to plan her high school course of study. As we set these goals, I’ve been giving her a little more freedom to make her own decisions, while under… Read More

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