Why Study Ancient History?


Today we had a meeting with Stargirl’s Educational Specialist from her charter school. We had to fill out a planned course of study for Ancient History, since that is an elective class. Part of the form asked what excited her about this subject (her answer: nothing) and her goals for the class (her answer: I… Read More

My Father’s World Ancient History and Literature Week One


Last week Stargirl completed her first week of school. We started a week earlier than public schools in our area, as we wanted to get a good routine going, before adding in band, charter school campus classes, and meetings with Stargirl’s educational specialist. Stargirl did the first week of My Father’s World Ancient History and… Read More

Organizing My Father’s World Ancient History and Literature for the School Year


We’re two and a half weeks from the beginning of Stargirl’s ninth grade year. I guess it’s time I start planning and organizing. I think our plans are figured out, though we’re working out the final few details. I believe we are going to be able to stick with the charter school we signed up… Read More

It’s Box Day!!!!!!


Remember when I wrote about our lofty high school plans? Forget about them. After browsing curriculum catalogs, researching online, consulting with my husband, and most importantly, spending time in prayer, we scrapped our plans and went a different direction. We decided to go with My Father’s World Ancient History and Literature for Stargirl’s 9th grade… Read More

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