Will You Drop Everything and Read?


Tomorrow, April 12, is Beverly Cleary’s birthday. In celebration of the author’s birthday, it seems Ramona Quimby has declared every April 12th D.E.A.R. day. D.E.A.R. standing for Drop Everything and Read, of course. To join the festivities, all you have to do is drop everything for 30 minutes to read a book. Will you be… Read More

2012 – A Fresh Start


I love New Years. It always feels like a fresh start. A time to put the shortcomings of the previous year aside and begin with a clean slate. It’s probably the idealist in me that loves New Year so much. I always begin the New Year by setting goals. Big goals, small goals. It doesn’t… Read More

TOS Review: Reading Kingdom


Reading. It’s one area of teaching children that intimidates me. I’m secretly happy that both of my children learned to read before I pulled them out of school, because I’m not confident in my ability to teach reading. When I was offered the opportunity to review Reading Kingdom, I was intrigued. The program promised to… Read More

Weekly Wrap Up: 10-15-2010


It’s hard to believe we’ve been back on our homeschooling adventure for two full months now! You’d think we’d be back into a normal routine, but we aren’t. In fact, we made some major changes in our curriculum this week, as we switched history programs from Mystery of History to Tapestry of Grace. I’ll write… Read More

School on a Thursday Night?


It’s been a busy day. I’ve shuttled the kids to band and PE. And after dinner Sportsguy took bug to soccer practice, while I drove Stargirl to American Heritage Girls. You’d think it would be time to call it a day. Instead, we’re doing schoolwork. Before you think I’m a mean mommy, though, let me… Read More

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