TOS Review: Apologia Who Is God?


I am so happy to be reviewing Who Is God? by Apologia! While perusing the Apologia website earlier this year, I came across the What We Believe series, and I thought it sounded like something I would one day like to work into our homeschool. Boy was I surprised when the first book in the… Read More

TOS Review: KB Teachers


What do you do with your kids on days when you aren’t up to teaching, for whatever reason? Or what if you need a supplement to your regular studies. I’m not much of a worksheet kind of person, but sometimes a worksheet is exactly what I need! And when I need a worksheet, I don’t… Read More

TOS Review: The Write Foundation


Writing. It’s the bane of my homeschool teaching existence.  I’m comfortable teaching all other subjects, even advanced math. But writing scares me. You’d think with me being a blogger, writing would be a no-brainer, but it’s not. So I’m always looking for new ways to teach writing. I was given the opportunity to review The… Read More

TOS Review: Collectorz Book Collector Pro


Are you a bookworm, like I am? Do you have books all over your house? I do. I have bookshelves in my kitchen, my dining room, my living room, my office, and in every bedroom in the house. We have a LOT of books, especially since we began homeschooling. Unfortunately, my books aren’t all that… Read More

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