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Yonanas Review

Review: Yonanas!

As summer quickly approaches, the kids begin asking for ice cream. Frequently. What kid doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day? But what mom wants their kids eating all that sugar day after day? Not me! I’d much rather my kids snack on fruit during the summer.

Apparently, there’s a compromise. I was offered the opportunity to review Yonanas, the machine that turns frozen bananas into a frozen yogurt type treat. I’m all for trying something that will entice my kids to eat more fruit, so I said yes.

Yonanas Review

About Yonanas

Yonanas is a fairly simple machine. It consists of a motor attached to a chute. You push frozen bananas (or other frozen fruit) down the chute with a plastic plunger. When the fruit comes out, it has a frozen-yourt consistency. The benefit is that there are no added ingredients. Your kids are getting pure fruit in a consistency they associate with frozen treats.

The machine is easy to clean, with all the parts (except the motor) being dishwasher safe. It’s also nearly impossible to get hurt operating Yonanas, so it’s a great machine for older kids who want to make their own treats. I’d never let my three year old use it, but my eleven year old uses it with no problem.

Yonanas is available at Walmart for $49.96

My Thoughts on Yonanas

Yonanas is a fun little machine. I began by making a plain frozen banana treat, which my youngest devoured. Frozen bananas do actually have a frozen yogurt consistency when they come out of this machine.

After that I experimented with frozen strawberries. Strawberries alone come out a little bit more like sorbet, but they still taste great. And since I don’t eat bananas because of their high sugar content, I’m glad berries turn out well.

My kids’ favorite fruit combination so far is bananas mixed with strawberries. I created this combination by alternating bananas and strawberries in the Yonanas machine.

Banana Yonanas

After using Yonanas for a week, I’ve found things I like and things I don’t like about the machine.

The Pros:

  • It’s fun.
  • It creates a healthy dessert.
  • Easy for kids to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fruit combinations are endless. You can also add extracts, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and other fun ingredients.

The Cons:

  • You can’t make large amounts at one time, This is more of a serve yourself machine than a “make dessert for the whole family” machine.
  • Quite a bit of fruit gets left over inside the machine, which can cause waste, unless you take apart the machine and scrape the blended fruit out before eating. The machine is really easy to take apart, so it’s not that big a deal, but the first time I took it apart, I was a little disappointed in the amount of fruit left inside. The strawberries were worse than the bananas.
  • Fruit needs to thaw about 10 minutes before use, so you have to think ahead a few minutes. Again, not a huge con, but it’s not an instant process, if you want a snack “right now.”

My Overall Opinion: This is not a necessary kitchen appliance, but it is a lot of fun. It would make a great gift for someone who loves kitchen gadgets. I think our Yonanas machine will get a lot of use over the summer, especially if I keep it out on the counter, where the kids can easily access it. I think of it a little like the old Snoopy Snow Cone machines (remember those?), but healthier. It’s not super-practical, but it’s fun for kids to use, and it encourages them to eat more fruit. That’s a win, right?



  • Julieanne

    Sounds like fun! We’ve eaten some “ice cream” made in a friend’s Yonana, and it was good. We use our Vitamix for making family-friendly sized portions, and they turn out great with no waste, too. But Yonana seems like a fun way to help children enjoy healthy desserts!